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How much would it cost to send my teen off to Hogwarts?

This awesome infographic was Tweeted this week: Click here to access the original page. I bet some fun mathematics could be conjured from this data!

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The Twitter “Print Effect”

Have you ever wondered how long it would take for you to print out your entire Twitter timeline? I Tweet as @pgraiser and here is an infographic of my Twitter data: http://www.cartridgesave.co.uk/printeffect/embedded/stats/pgraiser Created by Cartridge Save, providers of laser toner … Continue reading

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Where will you be on 3/14 at 1:59?

I know all my math folks got the title! Of course March 14 is Pi Day and like the Times Square ball drop at midnight on New Years Day, Pi Day is ushered in at 1:59 (pi = 3.14159…). I … Continue reading

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This Dude Really Knows his Algebra!

That’s Mike DeGraba, a.k.a. the “Math Dude.” He is the star of series of short programs that provide instruction for Algebra 1. The shows air on Montgomery County (Maryland) Public Schools’s MCPS-TV, but all shows are archived on and downloadable from The … Continue reading

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Its OK to Play with Your Food in Math Class

MoMath (Museum of Mathematics http://momath.org/ ) has a great feature called Math Monday. One of my favorite activities presented in this feature is mathematical constructions with crackers. Here is an illustration of a 3-4-5 right triangle with Triscuit crackers: The number … Continue reading

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My Favorite Tweeple, Twittizens, Tweetie Pies…

My workshop participants (teachers…mostly math) are always asking me, “who should I follow on Twitter”? Here is my list of favorite Tweeters: Math Tweeters: psychemath, mathematicsprof, POWERORGmath, MoMath1, JoshAdamsMath, HoodaMath, mathcollab, math_cats, mathquestions, mathteachers Classroom Activities:  NYTimesLearning, mental_floss, GameClassroom Technology:  … Continue reading

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