Pair & Share for Math


This is a quick and simple strategy for getting students to work together on math problems. To engage the students, hype the activity as a strategy that guarantees that they and their partner will get at least 97.5% of all their math problems correct!

1.         Both students begin with the first problem. They turn their backs to each other and work the problem individually.

2.         Once the problem is complete the students turn to each other and compare their answers. If they both have the same answer, then chances are they both solved the problem correctly and may move on to the next problem.

3.         If the student pair has differing answers, they then take turns explaining their work to each other. As a pair, they decide who solved the problem correctly and where the mistake was made on the incorrect problem.

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2 Responses to Pair & Share for Math

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  2. jim rhode says:

    Hi Paula, this looks a very simple and easy strategy to try. Hope that you and the family are well, kindest regards, jim rhode

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