Super Bowl Prop Bets (um…”predictions”)

UPDATE: The only prop bet result I caught was the Gatorade…it was orange. If you know the results to any interesting Super Bowl prop bets please share by posting them below!

Its almost Super Bowl Sunday and placing bets on your favorite team is as much a tradition as chips and dip. Although there are many mathematical concepts involved in gambling, this topic is generally frowned upon in the K-12 classroom. One fun way we can capitalize on the mathematical fun and engagement of the Super Bowl are quirky “side bets” commonly known as Proposition Bets. For classroom use we will call them “predictions”.

Here is what Wikipedia has to say about Prop Bets:

“A proposition bet (also called a side bet, prop bet, prop, or exotic) is a bet made on an outcome or a proposition. These can be anything from statistics and happenstance in a regular game to personal, one-of-a-kind bets. Examples of the former include betting on which team scores first in a match, or which cards are flopped in poker.”

Here are a few of the more interesting and classroom appropriate Prop Bets that are placed on Super Bowl XLV:

-How long will it take Christina Aguilera to sing the National Anthem? (choices: will it be over or under 1 minute, 56 seconds).

-What will be the first end zone celebration? (Ball Spike, Championship Belt, Lambeau Leap, Dunk over cross bar, Quiets the Crowd, Bicep flex, Backflip, Snow Angel, Signs football with Sharpie)

-What color will the Gatorade be that is dumped on the Head Coach of the Winning Super Bowl Team? (Yellow, Clear, Orange, Red, Lime Green, Blue)

-Who will the Super Bowl MVP of the Game thank first? (God, Nobody, Teammates, Family, Friends, Coach)

-Will a punt hit the scoreboard? (yes or no)

So between now and the end of class on Friday, have your students make predictions. Teams of students can each survey their classmates and display the information they collect in a chart that best displays the data. Then play Monday-morning quarterback and see how well your students did on their predictions. Have each student calculate their percent of correct predictions and post the results.

Here are my predictions for the above prop bets: Over, signs the football with a Sharpie, lime green, family and no.

Share your predictions with us in the comments section below.

For a full list of prop bets, click here.

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