100th Day of School

The 100th day of school is fast approaching. It generally falls in January or February — depending on when your school year started. Whenever it happens in your school, here are a few of my favorite activities that I have collected to help your students get excited about mathematics! Feel free to add some of your favorite ideas in the “comments” section.

□   Get a catalogue or newspaper ad, or have students visit a store Web site and ask them to spend a $100. Who can come closest without going over their $100? Can someone spend exactly Students studying decimals and percents can work with the sales tax.

□   Let A=$1, B=$2, C=$3, and so on. Can students find words that are equal to $100? How close can the students get? What do they notice about the letters in the words that are close to $100 or exactly a $100? (Grouper is a $100 word) What words do they pick to start with? Why?

□   At the 100th minute of school on the 100th day, go out in the hall to do 100 exercises. Have the p.e. teacher go on the intercom system and leads the children in exercises. Do 10 of ten different exercises (jumping jacks. trunk twists, toe touches, etc) and end with 10 cheers.

□   Make a classroom goal to collect 100 items to donate. It could be 100 cans of pet food for a local animal shelter, 100 nonperishable food items for a food pantry, or 100 coats and jackets for a local shelter.

□   The 100th Day Challenge: Do 10 math problems (logical), read 10 challenging words aloud (linguistic), write 10 words in cursive (body/kinesthetic), draw 10 identifiable items (spatial), sing 10 songs (musical), ask a friend 10 questions with short answers relating to the friend’s life (note down answers) (interpersonal), list 10 adjectives that describe you (intrapersonal) and do it all in 30 minutes.

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1 Response to 100th Day of School

  1. David says:

    I LOVE that second activity. I’m an education program at university right now, and we’re looking for some bellringers to try in class. I hope to try that adding to $100 activity in my classroom some day!

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