Math Fun with Infographics

Infographics are a great tool for engaging students in mathematics. Many mare appropriate for “warm-up” activities while others are useful for teaching a specific concept. Here are a few of my recent favorites:

From the folks at State Farm (great for teaching ratios)…

Warm-up questions: In which states are you most likely to hit a deer while driving this fall? Why? What do you think the likelihood of hitting a deer is for our state? (prediction). During the fall I cannot go a week without seeing deer out and about here in south Georgia!

Here is one from the website “Cool Infographics What will it take to run off the calories consumed during your Thanksgiving meal?

Do you like to play Farmville? Many people are addicted (I kicked it cold-turkey last summer). How does Farmville compare to a real farm?

If you find the information in my blog useful for your math classrooms, pass it along to a colleague!

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2 Responses to Math Fun with Infographics

  1. Allison Nave says:

    These are great!

    I am currently in an IT class, and we have been charged with creating a math lesson using infographics. Are these infographics that you’ve found already created? Are you currently creating any of your own?

    It would be great to share some with each other so that we build up a repertoire of infographics for our lessons.


    • pgraiser says:


      These are infographics that I have found. Many people post them on Twitter. If you are not on Twitter and following other education folks, you are really missing out on a wealth of great info and ideas!

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