Unique Mascots?

This post is a little off the topic of classroom teaching but…

A colleague and I (@blairteach) often discuss the mascots of the schools we work with and the image they promote. I would say about 80% of the schools I work with have some kind of cat as their mascot (Wildcats, Tigers, Panthers, Lions, etc.). Today I had a very nice visit to Mobile County Training Middle School (Mobile, AL) and they have the most unusual mascot I have seen:

At first I thought it was a greyhound which, like the whippet, would portray swiftness and maybe loyalty.

Other unique mascots I have seen: Rattlesnakes, Foxes and the Colonels.

What is your middle school’s or high school’s mascot? What image does it promote? Are you at a school that has recently changed their mascot because your old one is no longer “politically correct”? Please share!

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