Math Student’s Bill of Rights

I ran across this today. Perhaps it should be posted in all math classrooms.
Math Student’s Bill of Rights
I have the right to:

Learn at my own pace and not feel stupid if I’m slower than others,
Ask whatever questions I have,
Need extra help,
Ask my teacher for help,
Say I don’t understand,
Not understand,
Feel good about myself regardless of my math abilities,
Not base my self-worth on my math skills,
View myself as capable of learning math,
Evaluate my math teachers and how they teach,
Be treated as a competent adult,
Dislike math,
Define success in my own terms.

Adapted from the Math Anxiety Bill of Rights by Sandra Davis, in Resource Manual for Counselors/Math Instructors: Math Anxiety, Math Avoidance, Reentry Mathematics, ed. by Donaday & Auslander (1980).

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