What is Paige reading?

Well…I am in the middle of Eat, Pray, Love on CD (I spend countless hours on the road) but tonight I picked-up the most interesting book at Books-A-Million:

Easy as Pi: The countless ways we use numbers everyday by Jamie Buchan (ISBN 978-1606521342)

Of course I cound not wait to buy it on amazon.com ($11.21) so I paid too much!

Here is the amazon.com synopsis:

Inside Easy as Pi, you’ll find the “4-1-1” on:

  • Seventh heaven and what makes it so blissful
  • The number 13 and why it’s so unlucky
  • Imaginary numbers and how they exist
  • The binary system and how it manages to say so much with only two numbers
  • How your bedding has nothing to do with being “three sheets to the wind”
  • The burning literary question: Why did Ray Bradbury name his novel Fahrenheit 451?
  • A block of Social Security numbers that will never ever be assigned to anyone
  • I see lots of tid-bits that could be used toward engaging students in math!

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    1 Response to What is Paige reading?

    1. @mmeveilleux says:

      Easy as Pi looks like a fantastic book. I look forward to reading it & following your blog.

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