Welcome to our school?

I promise to get down to the business of blogging about math teaching but I wanted to pose a question to my new readers: What message does your school send to the folks who enter your building? What message greets teachers, students, parents, social workers, lunchroom staff, custodians, the UPS man, the FedX guy, the exterminator, the fire chief (for that monthly drill) and the mailman as they walk through your doors? Here is an expample of a “message” that was posted at a school I conducted a workshop for last year (thank to NB for the pic–her iPhone takes better pics than my Blackberry):

This topic always comes up when I chat with my school improvement collegues. We are in and out of dozens of schools each year. Some school welcome messages are warmer than others!

The next time you enter your school, think like a first-time visitor. What message is your school sending?

Paige is now stepping down from her soapbox.

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